Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google Social Networking Kicks Facebook Butt

Google Friend Connect is just a piece, the whole of Google Social Networking kicks Facebook's butt. Here's Why...

Here are the top ten reasons Google Social Networking is already the Friend Connect of choice.

#1 Gmail is the Google Social Networking contact manager.

#2 Google Reader is now a social networking bookmark site.

#3 Google Friend Connect is copy and paste code.

#4 Facebook Connect does not even exist for Bloggers.

#6 RSS has been taken mainstream with Google's Friend Connect Widget

#7 Chris Lang loves it and he is never wrong.

#8 If you don't know Chris Lang just refer to #3.

#9 Boomhauer loves it and he listens to Chris Lang so he is never wrong either.

#10 Google loves Chris Lang and they are wrong.

Google Chris Lang is always right and they say so.

Seriously though guys, follow the link above and you will see why Google social networking kicks Facebook butt.

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