Monday, April 28, 2008

How to Get More Diggs and Why not to Shout Your Own Digg Items

If you are trying to get more Diggs by shouting your own items you are killing your search engine rankings.

I just spent an entire week analyzing how to get more Diggs, not be a Digg spammer and why not to shout your own Digg items and it is very suprising what I found out.

I started out with a simple article on how to get a few more Diggs.

Then I began to see how submitting your own articles could hurt your search engine rankings. Also you should not be Digging your own items either. We all pretty much agree on that.

What I began to notice though is that when you shout items to your friends list Digg shows the items you shouted in your history tab, even though you are logged out. In other words, it is in your public profile for all to see.

This means it is in your profile where Google can see it too. If submitting your own articles over and over to Digg creates numerous entries in your public profile where search engine spiders can see them, why do numerous shouts all leading to the same URL not do the same thing?

In my testing, (and it was a deep test) I have a well supported theory that this is all true. I have chronicled the entire process with 20 different screen shots of what I have analyzed and it is all right here on my main blog.

How to get more diggs, a Digg privacy breach and why you should not be shouting your own Digg items.

Of course I welcome your comments here and on my main blog.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to get More Diggs

How to get more Diggs is the concern of every Digg user.

But there is some concern on how to actully do this.

The social marketing blog at KeyWebData has been on fire lately analyzing exactly how Digg works and how not to appear to be spamming Digg by Google.

The number most inportant things Chris Lang has explained here are:

Do not submit your own items.

Do not Digg you own items.

And the number one concern is whether or not shouting your own items to your friends list hurts you Google ranking.

Read the full post on How to Get More Diggs and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Google Really Ranks Blogs

If you think you know how Google ranks blogs you are wrong unless your name is Andy Beard

Since RSS is such a part of blogging I think it would be wise to talk about how Google really ranks blogs and blog seo. Blogs are not static websites and Google does not rank them the same and rarely even lists them in what we call organic results. Google actually segregates blogs to Google Blogsearch.

There are 5 of 6 things that determine how your blog is ranked by Google.

The number of subscribers you have in Google Reader.

The number of blogrolls you are in and the quality of the blogs in those blogrolls.

How many times your Google search engine listing is clicked.

Social bookmarketing posts and the number of times you are Dugg ect.

The number of times your URL appears in conversations, think Gmail.

Google adds all this up and then decides how to rank your blog. If you are doing well in their eyes you will begin to appear in organic results.

I hope this article and the links above give you some insight into how Google looks at your blog.

= Chris Lang