Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Digg Analytics Tools, Tips and Digg Utilities

Today I have a blog post that is on just one part of the New Digg Analytics tools.

Five professional videos, all short and to the point on how you can easily and quickly create an absolutely sick Digg profile in 30 days with only 30 minutes of your time a day.

Actually this is a web app so there is no software to install. This kind of browser based software is where the web is headed so take a look at each of the short videos. If anything it will give you valuable insight into how the Digg top 100 got where they are.

My insider information tells me they have even more unbelievable custom software than this, but for us this is as good as it gets and it is an unbelievable deal and I am not even an affiliate.

By the way there is a new affiliate program up for this site and it is based on whom I also happen to love. Do yourself a favor and get Digging with this extreme time saver.

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